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Our Purpose

The Purpose

Today, people have a growing need to be able to express their inner feelings. Undoubtedly Music, Dance, Theater, and arts in general, are the best tools for satisfying individual’s emotional needs and develop a complete personality that is spiritually, mentally and morally cultivated.

The Promotion of Personal Development, Education, the Provision of Learning experiences and the Socialization of all children.

The aim of the ‘PERIKLIS’ foundation is the free provision of artistic education to all children of vulnerable social groups and of financially destitute families. In addition the foundation organizes conferences, concerts, artistic events, seminars, lectures and other events which aim to artistically educate and cultivate the children.

The promotion of personal development, education and provision of learning experiences aim to the creation of self-appreciation, self-confidence and artistic temperament of children, elements that will strengthen their active participation in all facets of social life.

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